Customer orientated

ENAG propose a comprehensive range of services during the life cycle of our products.

During the development stage of a customised product, our engineers ensure project management during all the stages of definition, design, development, qualification and production. With this interface our customers have a regular and personalized monitoring of development progress on their project.

We can also assist during the commissioning of equipment and can train your teams in the use and/or maintenance (Level 1) of our products.

Telephone support

Our support team are also available to help you by telephone and reply to your questions concerning the use of our products and advise you if necessary.

By choosing our Maintenance in Operational Conditions (MOC) contract, you ensure the maintenance and operation of your equipment over time and so increase the lifetime of the products and optimise your ownership and operations costs.

Preventive maintenance

We propose preventive maintenance programs adapted to your equipment, spare parts and obsolescence management for your product.

You can also return your equipment to ENAG where our customer service technicians can carry out the required service. We can carry out preventive maintenance as well as repairs depending on the requirement. All equipment is retested in conformity with the same test procedures as for new equipment.

If you wish to return your equipment please fill in the form hereafter with all the necessary details. Our After Sales Service team will contact you shortly.


Power supply

ALM-ALT range – AC/DC

ALT-ADT range – 28Vdc mobile

ALT range – 72Vdc-300A

PSEA-PBD range – 24/72/110V mobile

GMDSS range

SQ range

Power supply – 230Vac – 500A mobile

Power supply – 24Vdc – 265A mobile

Power supply 24Vdc – 135A Rack


Uninterruptible power supply

ALMI-UPS range – 230Vca-500VA mobile

ALMI-UPS range – 115-230Vac-700VA rack

ALMIV- UPS range – 500 to 20KVA modular


Backup power supply

ADM-SB range – AC/DC

ADM-SB – C13100 range

ADM-SB range – Marine



Shaft line alternator 

24Vdc alternator


Charge – Discharge Bank

Mobile acquisition tool for CDP

BDB range – Mobile discharge

NEW BCD range – Mobile Charge/Discharge

CDP range – Mobile Charge/Décharge

DPF range – Mobile Discharge Bank


Battery Charger

Battery charger – 24V-135A – Rack

Battery charger – 24V-265A – Mobile

CD range – 24 to 110V – Mobile

CDMV range – 24V – Single phase

CDSP range – 24 to 110V  – Portable

Portable autonomous charger – 72v & 110v

CDS4 range – 12/24V

CDS4 H range – 12/24/48V

CDS4 H DNV-GL range

CDT range – 24 to 110V – Mobile

CDTV range – 24V – Three phase

CRM range – 24/48/110V – Single phase

CRT range – 24/48/110V – Three phase

Battery monitor for JBNUM-II


DC/DC converter

CCC/MD/SD range

SD range – 12/48/110V


Frequency converter

CF range – 50/60Hz ou 60/50Hz

CFTT400 range – 400Hz Converter – from 10 to 120kVA

CFTT range in Shelter – 50-60Hz Converter – 500kVA

COVALT range – 400Hz-20kVA 285V-300A – Mobile


Motor and Propulsion

Electric and hybrid propulsion – DC/AC –  Up to 2MW

IP56 and IP68 Specifics motors

Motor 24Vdc with variable speed IP55

Marine Battery

Motor & Alternator Repair / refurbishment 

Propeller pitch indicator

Compression pump unite AC or DC



ONS range – AC/DC – Sinus

ONS-M range – AC/DC – Modular



RAEL range – 24V – 230/400Vac


Ventilator and accessory

Demisting, heating and ventilation unit AC/DC

Axial and centrifugal fans AC/DC

Marine mask louvers

Water separator

Fire and gas marine approval dampers

Battery charger

CRT range

CRM range

Ventilator and accessory

Marine mask louvers