Portable switch-mode battery charger 24 to 110VDC – CDSP range

Portable switch-mode battery charger 24 to 110VDC- CDSP range

The new CDSP range of chargers is perfectly adapted for battery maintenance.

  • Portable
  • Very light weight
  • Easy installation and use
  • High quality charging current for lead and NiCd batteries

  • Very simple to use: programmable parameters of charging curve

Examples of use: battery boost, emergency corrective maintenance.

The CDSP Range can also be used as DC portable power supplies.

The charger is delivered with 2,5m input cable 3×2,5mm², and 3m output cable stored in a compartment at the back of the charger.

Protected by a ruggedized plastic case this equipment is compliant with the safety standard Class II. The wide track wheels and telescopic handle makes it easy for use both in the workshop and in field service.

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Type of housing

Input voltage

Single-phase AC

Output voltage

DC Voltage

Power kW

0 to 0,9kW, 1kW to 4,9kW

Output current

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