AC/AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies 500 to 20kVA – UPS range ALMIV

Uninterruptible Power Supply from 500 to 20KVA – ALMIV Range

The power supplies of the ALMIV range are designed to operate on-board ships, vehicles or mobile engines of all types. They ensure that a protected alternating Supply system is generated with back-up operation.

These dual-conversion power supplies are composed of a charger/rectifier coupled to an inverter. The battery which provides the autonomy is either integrated to the power supply or external to the system.

Main applications: computer systems, programmable logic converters, telecommunications, fire safety, alarms.

The complete range is certified by Bureau Veritas – CERTIFICATE N° 007671

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This range is certified by Bureau Veritas

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Type of housing

Input voltage

Single-phase AC

Output voltage

Single-phase AC

Output current


Power KVA

1KVA to 4,9KVA, 5KVA to 9,9KVA, 10KVA to 20KVA