Tactical UPS 230Vca – ALMI Range

Mobile Uninterruptible Power Supply 230Vca – ALMI Range

The tactical power supply ALMI is used to supply a stabilised, regulated voltage on the battlefield. A battery pack can be added to ensure a back-up.

Made to work in rugged military environments the ALMI is weatherproof and can be transported without a separate container. It is particularly suitable for air transport.


The ALMI is designed to power electronic systems with 230Vac network, such as satellite communication, C4ISR…

The ALMI can be connected to 90 to 264Vac – 47 to 63Hz mains or to 24VDC voltage. The DC voltage can come from a battery pack or from an auxiliary network (vehicle network, solar panel…).


Easy to install and deploy on the field, this equipment is very simple to use.

The cables are integrated with the equipment to facilitate its transportation.

Mobile Power Supply 230Vca-500VA

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Type of housing

Input voltage

Single-phase AC

Output voltage

DC Voltage, Single-phase AC

Output current

Power KVA

0 to 0,9KVA, 1KVA to 4,9KVA