Mobile 400Hz Frequency converter – COVALT Range

Mobile 400Hz Frequency converter – COVALT Range

Presentation :

  • Our Ground Power Unit integrates a frequency converter and DC power supply in a mobile casing
  • Manually or mechanically towed
  • Civilian or military models
  • Models from 10 to 120KVA for fixed or mobile version

Equipment presentation:

The equipment COVALT 3x200V/400Hz – 28Vcc/300A is a MOBILE STATIC CONVERTER for the aircraft maintenance.

Equipment composition :

  • Mobile platform assembled on solid wheels, nose wheel steering with coupling bar for manoeuvre by an operator or a tractor.
  • Energy conversion cell 3 x 200V 400Hz
  • Energy conversion cell 28Vdc 300A
  • Central operating, setting and signalling console.
  • Cables set to connect 50Hz supply network and 3 x 200V 400Hz and 28Vdc uses
  • Two side pans for cable storage
Mobile 400Hz Frequency converter - COVALT Range

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Type of housing

Input voltage

DC Voltage

Output voltage

DC Voltage

Power kW

0 to 0,9kW

Output current