Mobile Booster 24V-72V-110V – PSEA – PBD Range

Mobile Booster 24V-72V-110V – PSEA – PBD Range

PSEA & PBD range of mobile starters is specially designed to power electrical equipment in 24Vdc, 72Vdc and 110Vdc without any connection to the grid 230Vac.

Ergonomic, light and easy to move, this equipment is very simple to use and handle in the maintenance workshop. Used to start thermal machines or raise a pantograph without being connected to the grid and so replacing the on-board batteries when discharged.

The energy is supplied by the batteries integrated in the mobile station. After use, the batteries is recharged by connecting the supply to the 230 Vac mains. The batteries are maintained on charge for the next utilisation.

These elements developed initially for the space industry have the following advantages:

  • Very low internal resistance permitting currents 2 to 3 times higher than other batteries
  • Works in extreme hot or cold conditions.
  • Lifetime 2 times longer than traditional lead battery (4000 cycles)
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Can be assembled in any position
Mobile Booster 24V-72V-110V - PSEA - PBD Range

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Type of housing

Input voltage

Single-phase AC

Output voltage

DC Voltage

Power kW

10kW to 20kW, 20kW to 50kW, > 50kW

Output current

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