Propeller pitch indicator

Propeller pitch indicator

A TM8 transmitter
  • IP68 protection
  • Can immersed in seawater (Max.depth 20 meters)
  • Box made of a stainless steel fixation stand and an ertalene plastic body that is resistant to seawater up to 10 million manoeuvres without any mechanical stops.

An ABN X amplifier

  • Sea proof and robust : electronics is mounted on an aluminium support and moulded in resin.
  • Settings available from the front side : centering and sensitivity
  • Allows multiplication, reducing the angle of pitch measure.
  • Analog display : dial with all scales
  • Digital display : 3 digits
    Note : The measurement chain presented allows to connect 4
    different types of indicators.
  • An ABNX version with 4-20 mA output is available.
Propeller pitch indicator

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