Backup Power Supply C13100 – ADM-SB Range

Backup Power Supply ADM-SB – C13100 Range

This new range of DC back-up power supplies ensures the operation of your applications during the failure or loss of the input network.
The Backup Power Supply ADM-SB – C13-100 range is especially dedicated to supply the coil and/or the motorization of MCB of MV and LV boards.
The option autonomy 2x30mn ensures conformity with the NF C13100 standard allowing a one-time renewable autonomy of 30 minutes by push button or remote control.


The advantages of our Backup Power Supply ADM-SB – C13-100  :
  • Automatic battery test check regularly the functionality of the battery
  • Low battery voltage contactor avoid any deep battery discharge
  • Reduced size , weight and easy to install
  • Robust, suited for working in harsh industrial environments.
  • The power supply can be procured mounted on a panel for easy installation in your cabinet or in a cabinet for wall mounting.
Backup Power Supply ADM-SB - C13-100 Range

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Type of housing

Input voltage

Single-phase AC

Output voltage

DC Voltage

Power kW

0 to 0,9kW, 1kW to 4,9kW

Output current

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